Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is suitable for both women and men who suffer from sagging, loose, chapped abdominal skin and abdominal wall muscles and excess fat following pregnancies or weight fluctuations. For better and satisfactory results tummy tuck should be combined with liposuction. I am primarily doing lipoabdominoplasty which is an advanced technique combining tummy tuck with extensive liposuction. Unlike traditional abdominoplasty, lipoabdominoplasty does not require the separation (undermining) and elevation of the entire abdominal wall skin, fat layers and blood vessels from the abdominal muscles in order to tighten loose skin and to tighten loose muscles. Avoiding this process eliminates much of the post operative complications associated with traditional abdominoplasties such as seroma and necrosis. Recovery period is shorter, scar is shorter and there is less post-operative swelling, numbness, bruising and pain. Moreover removed fat during the liposuction procedure can be used for fat grafting to the breasts, buttocks and face.

Patients who will undergo an abdominoplasty operation should definitely don’t use the cigarettes at least 2 weeks before the surgery. This period is at least 2 weeks after the operation.

During the operation, usually 2 drains are placed and removed within post-op first or second days. It is necessary for patients to rest on their post-operative first day of bed. To reduce the strain on the bearing position, the head and leg are set up as above and the patients usually sleep like this in the first week.