Rhinoplasty is one of the most demanding operations that requires high level of expertise and experience. The operation must improve the aesthetic appearance of patient’s face by carefully manipulating the three dimensional structure and peculiarities of the nose while ensuring that the breathing function remains intact. It is also possible to conduct rhinoplasty in order to solve breathing problems. In this case, it is imperative consider the unique anatomy of patience’s face so that solving breathing problems does not compromise aesthetic appearance.

Who should consider having Rhinoplasty surgery?
People who are not happy about partial or complete appearance of their nose
People who suffer from breathing problems due to a disfigurement in their nose
People who are, despite a previous Rhinoplasty surgery, not satisfied about the appearance or
functioning of their nose

Is there a special period in the year that is more suitable for having Rhinoplasty?
No, there is no such constraint. It should be performed whenever it is most convenient for the patient.

Open or closed surgery is to be preferred?
For those patients who need substantial alterations at the tip or in the wings of nose open surgery
would be imperative. Other patients may prefer closed surgery

Should I expect pain, swelling, discoloration after the surgery?

After Rhinoplasty surgery a certain level of pain (that can be treated with simple painkillers) should be
expected. We further minimize this post-operative pain by applying special painkillers during the
surgery. The other temporary post-operative complications too can be minimized if the operation is
conducted with special attention to reducing traumatic syndromes. Of course post-operative (and their
duration) depends on the patient as well. But if the post-operative protocols are applied strictly (such as
ice-press) all immediate signs of surgery would disappear within 7 to 20 days; and within 6 to 12 months
the new shape of nose would emerge in its final form.

Would there be tampons in my nose after the surgery?
If the surgery is essentially about solving breathing problems, then silicon tampons that do not hinder
breathing will be placed inside; and the nose will be bandaged and be temporarily protected. These
things would be removed after 5 to 7 days.

What if I am not satisfied with how my nose looks like after the surgery?
It may take 6 to 12 months for the final form to emerge; one should be aware of the fact that the
anatomical structure would only gradually approach to the desired state within this period; it is
advisable to avoid snap judgements.

Is it possible that the tip of nose may sag after the surgery?
This type of complication occurs only if the grafts that are placed at the tip are left unbuttressed. Since
we always make this buttress there will not be any such complication.

Is it possible to see before the surgery how my nose will look like afterwards?
Before the surgery many pictures of nose from different perspectives are taken, and the desired shape is
discussed and determined by the surgeon and the patient. Therefore you will know how your nose will
look like before the surgery. You will also be presented with the pre and post-operative photos of other